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Design Thinking TrainingWorkshop

Ignite innovation with Human Centered Design and LEGO Serious Play®. Our Design Thinking  training is not just about methodologies; it’s a hands-on, immersive experience, bringing your ideas to life with the power of play.


Design thinking is a systematic, human centric approach of problem solving. With its origins in industrial design, product design and architecture, design has, for long, been very narrowly associated with tangibles. That limited view is fast giving way to a broader application of the tenets of design to a wider set of problems and context.

Ctrlx offers an unique approach to Design Thinking, combined with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) enable leaders to solve existing problems in creative ways. Conventional problem solving tools lead to run-of-the-mill solutions, hence in a fast- changing world, the problem solving methodology has to be different. Design Thinking, with its exploratory, open-ended approach provides the answer. This training will introduce the participants to this approach.

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    Overview of Design Thinking

    Embracing design thinking entails adopting a unique perspective – thinking like a designer. This approach involves viewing challenges through the customer’s lens, enabling organizations to streamline processes and reduce complexity, thereby transforming how products, services, and strategies are developed. Recognizing the significance of customer-driven innovation, businesses are increasingly deeming the integration of design thinking into their workflows imperative for sustained success and market relevance.

    This innovative approach extends beyond traditional problem-solving; it’s a holistic mindset fostering creativity and empathy. With a focus on collaboration and user-centricity, it becomes a powerful tool for organizations aiming to stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.Design thinking is a combination of mindsets and a repeatable process to develop innovative solutions for complex problems. 

    Human Centered

    Empathy for the people you are designing for and feedback from these users is fundamental to good design

    Radical Collaboration

    Bring together innovators with varied backgrounds and viewpoints. Enable breakthrough insights and solutions to emerge from the diversity

    Bias towards action

    Design thinking is misnomer; its more about doing than thinking. Bias toward doing and making over thinking and meeting

    Design Process

    Know where you are in the design process, what methods to use in that stage and what your goals are

    Show, Dont tell

    Communicate your vision in an impactful and meaningful way by creating experiences, using illustrative visuals, and telling good stories

    Distill Vision

    Produce coherent vision out of messy problems.Frame it in a way to inspire others and to fuel ideation

    Experiment, Iterate

    Prototyping is not simply a way to validate your idea; its an integral part of your innovation process. We build to think and learn.

    Design thinking ctrlx Design thinking ctrlx

    Unique Learning Experience

    CtrlX® has crafted a unique training approach by combining Design Thinking framework with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) principles. This innovative approach integrates LSP’s hands-on-minds-on problem solving approach seamlessly into key stages of the design thinking process. The collaboration within teams is fortified through the shared language of LEGO® models, fostering active participation and robust idea exchange among team members. Additionally, the utilization of LSP models reinforces user-centricity, ensuring that solutions precisely align with user needs.

    By infusing LSP into the various stages of Design Thinking, we stimulate creativity and imagination of participants, particularly when intertwined with a form of collaborative play. This integration transforms LSP into a potent tool for rapidly generating novel solutions and sparking new ideas, making it a valuable asset for organizations seeking innovative and user-driven approaches.

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    Quick Facts

    Duration :

    2 Days

    Medium :


    Proposed Class Size :

    12-16 ( max)

    Note: LSP will be used only during class room training, for remote we will be using simulation based examples

    Course Content

    A mix of classroom discussions and learning activities. The Design Thinking training will include application of LSP methods to facilitate idea generation, to ask questions, help participants break out of moulds and comfort zones, and express thoughts in novel ways. There will be a lot of emphasis of peer-to-peer learning through experience sharing after the exercise. Participants will be encouraged to apply these learnings to real-life situations


    Module 1:

    • Introduction to Design Thinking  Mindsets and Process
    • Human centered Design process  and User persona creation
    • Drawing research insights  and  forming a human centered and  actionable problem statement


    Module 2:

    • Idea generation and  selection
    • Creating an experience and  prototyping
    • Story telling
    • Art and science of observing  users in action

    Who Should Attend:

    Senior executives, transformation managers and change agents who are  expected to bring in fresh perspectives to existing issues and also are  responsible for medium to long-term growth of organisations.

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    What’s in it for you

    After successfully completing this training, participants will develop ability to

    Turn challenges into opportunities. Design thinking can make it happen. Learn how