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Innovate to delight customer accelerate growth stay ahead

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, innovation is the key to staying competitive and driving growth.
Innovation Management is a comprehensive service offering that encompasses a diverse range of strategic activities and practical methodologies to foster and nurture a dynamic culture of innovation within your organization.

Strategy Design

Craft your innovation ambition, agree on your innovation goals, and create an innovation roadmap to achieve your aspirational vision

Capability Enablement

Build new age mindsets of curiosity, creativity and experimentation .Foster an environment of fearless radical collaboration

Innovation Sprints

Solve complex business problems through contextually designed innovation events by unlocking collective creative intelligence of your employees

Value Realization

Unlock new value streams, enhance customer experiences, optimize operations, and drive bottom-line results

Readiness Assessment

Gain actionable insights from the innovation readiness assessment to drive effective innovation strategies.

CtrlX Approach to Innovation Management

Our innovation management service offering is meticulously tailored to align with your organization’s unique innovation objectives and overall business strategy. Our innovation management framework is crafted using the knowledge gained from our hands-on experience in driving successful innovation initiatives and industry best practices.

Working together with your leadership team, we foster a dynamic culture of innovation that sparks creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and experimentation. We empower your organization with our deep knowledge, idea management platform, learning services, and our facilitation approach to help you stay at the forefront of innovation. With our deep expertise and proven methodologies, we unlock the collective creative intelligence of your employees, harnessing it into a powerful competitive advantage.

To propel your innovation journey, schedule a call with our Innovation Facilitator.

Our Innovation Management Services

Our Innovation Capability Assessment meticulously evaluates your organization’s innovation practices and capabilities across seven essential pillars, offering a crystal-clear understanding of your strengths and areas primed for enhancement, complete with actionable insights.

Drawing from these valuable insights, we craft a bespoke Innovation Strategy Workshop. In this collaborative workshop, our seasoned team of innovation facilitators partners closely with your leaders, crafting an aspirational innovation vision that harmonizes seamlessly with your business strategy. We identify innovation enablers and craft a customized innovation roadmap, serving as a strategic guide to realize your aspirational innovation vision. This ensures your efforts are well-structured, measurable, and aligned precisely with your strategic objectives. Through the implementation of the resulting roadmap, you will transform your organization into an innovation powerhouse. As a result, you will embrace a future-ready mindset, thereby unlocking your full creative potential.

Together, let us set in motion a transformative journey for your organization. This journey will pave the way for innovation to flourish and realize your aspirational vision.


Understand your innovation landscape and create an aspirational innovation strategy


4 to 6 weeks


Senior Leadership Team

Revolutionize problem-solving with our Innovation Sprints, where diverse minds collaborate to ideate, prototype, and validate solutions tailored to your specific business challenges. Our approach yields scalable, tangible outcomes. We excel in orchestrating end-to-end Innovation events, offering theme-based, time-bound, and a fast-paced problem-solving solution. By assembling cross-functional teams and providing access to our cutting-edge idea management platform, methodologies, and expert guidance, we unlock their collective creative intelligence.

We seamlessly integrate Design Thinking, Agile, Lean Startup, and rapid prototyping techniques, cultivating a culture of imagination, experimentation, and calculated risk-taking. Stay agile and responsive with our curated Hackathons, idea generation events, and Design Sprints. Experience radical collaboration, fast-paced ideation, and the thrill of turning ideas into actionable solutions.

Together, let us gain momentum of generating break-through solutions for some of your complex business challenges.


To solve business problem by tapping into collective creative intelligence of employees


6 to 8 weeks


Business Champion, SMEs and idea generators.

We are committed to strengthening your organization’s innovation capabilities by cultivating an open and fearless environment through a vibrant community of internal innovators and a proven practice.

Our comprehensive framework involves establishing innovation metrics, processes, and structures that not only encourage creativity but also foster a culture of risk-taking and open collaboration. With clear frameworks and practices in place, we ensure that innovative ideas are not only nurtured but also brought to fruition effectively.

Our dedicated Innovation Facilitator will serve as your guiding partner throughout the entire journey, from Blueprint to realization. Leveraging our expertise, we cultivate a leadership mindset that champions creativity, embraces new ideas, and nurtures a fearless culture of experimentation and bias for action. Our guidance extends to creating streamlined processes and structures that enable the seamless identification, evaluation, and implementation of innovative ideas.

Together, let’s embark on an exhilarating journey of innovation to unlock your organization’s full potential.


To foster a sustainable culture and practice of innovation


12 months +


Leadership Team, Innovation Champions, Innovation evangelists and event participants.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach and how it can revolutionize your innovation management process. We are keen on partnering with you on your journey of innovation.

Idea Management Platform

Idea management platform is a pivotal tool that empowers organizations to foster a culture of innovation. By streamlining idea generation, evaluation, and implementation, it accelerates the innovation process. Furthermore, it promotes collaboration, harnessing the collective intelligence of teams. With real-time tracking and reporting, it ensures transparency and accountability. In essence, idea management software is the catalyst that propels organizations towards breakthroughs, helping them adapt, thrive, and lead in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Workflows and Stages

Customize the steps and approvals ideas go through from collection to implementation.

Gamification and Leaderboard

Incentivize participation with gamification, a leaderboard, and prizes for participation.

Track Innovation ROI

Compare ideas based on value, cost, and time to implement making resource allocation easier.

Challenges to target feedback

Capture targetted feedback around specific topics related to organizational goals

Powered by AI

Leverage AI to come up with better ideas and to help employees build out better business cases

Announcement & Notifications

Automatically notify the submitter and relevant stakeholders on updates and progress

Duplicate Idea detection

Automatically detect similar ideas while users submit them to avoid duplicates

Anonymous Posting

Optionally allow users to submit ideas, comments, and content anonymously

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