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Training & Certification

At CtrlX, we believe that training goes beyond acquiring new skills. It’s an opportunity for capturing and creating value in today’s dynamic business landscape. Value Capture is the strategic optimization and leveraging of existing organizational resources, while Value Creation focuses on fostering innovation to seize new growth opportunities. We intentionally craft our training programs to unlock these mindsets, recognizing that sustainable growth requires optimizing existing resources and cultivating innovation.

Value Capture Mindsets

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

With over two decades of LSS training and deployment experience in over 20 countries and certifications from reputed global organizations, we offer a best-in-class Lean Six Sigma training and certification program.

This course introduces the proven Lean Six Sigma problem-solving methodology and analytical tools to achieve breakthrough improvements. It helps the participants to understand the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to businesses. We will train the participants in the rigor of DMAIC methodology, covering the purpose, tools, and output of each phase. After successfully completing the training and knowledge assessment, we will award participants a CtrlX® IATO® LSS GB training certificate.

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, the participant will be capable of forming and facilitating project teams and leading Green Belt improvement projects. The training transforms the participants into problem solvers who can regularly improve processes within their local areas and functions.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

The course provides an in-depth understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive step-by-step methodology and toolset useful in the improvement, optimization, and/or design of business processes. The training will not only enhance the technical problem-solving skills of the participants but also introduce skills such as change management, team facilitation, and strategic planning. Participants will be awarded a CtrlX® IATO® LSS BB training certificate after successful completion of the training and knowledge assessment.

As a Six Sigma Black Belt, the participants will work closely with department heads, sponsors, and other senior executives in the company to identify breakthrough improvement opportunities and lead cross-functional projects in the areas of strategic importance to the organization. The training develops participants into expert problem solvers who not only lead strategic / cross-functional projects but also mentor Green Belts and other process leads to optimize business performance.

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Lean Practitioner

Lean Practitioner Training is a transformative course tailored for individuals and teams eager to embark on their continuous improvement journey. This comprehensive program delves deep into the core philosophy of Lean, equipping participants with a deep understanding of its principles. Through hands-on exercises and interactive modules, participants gain proficiency in problem-solving tools, as well as the powerful kaizen methodology, providing a solid foundation for driving continuous improvement initiatives within their organizations.

At the heart of the training lies a focused emphasis on mastering Value Stream Mapping skills. Using immersive simulated activities, participants gain invaluable insights into key Lean concepts such as value, waste, flow, pull, takt time, kaizen, work cell design, and visual management. These essential techniques empower Lean practitioners to orchestrate impactful kaizen events and facilitate value stream mapping workshops with confidence and expertise.

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Structured Problem Solving

The Structured Problem Solving training is thoughtfully designed to equip participants with essential skills for effectively solving day-to-day business challenges using simple yet highly effective logical problem-solving methods. Drawing upon renowned tools from the Lean and Six Sigma toolkit, this comprehensive program leverages powerful end-to-end linear non-data-dependent problem-solving techniques.

Participants embark on a journey to gain a solid foundation in collaborative team-based problem-solving methods by applying the 4-step problem-solving framework to real-life challenges. This framework, along with the associated tools, serves as a reliable guide throughout the entire problem-solving process. It empowers participants to efficiently define problems, identify root causes, generate and prioritize solutions, and implement effective countermeasures.

By mastering these techniques, participants establish a robust toolkit of collaborative problem-solving methods that can be readily applied to swiftly address day-to-day challenges, without the need for analyzing intricate data. The training instills confidence, enabling participants to uncover knowledge-driven solutions and make informed decisions that drive continuous improvement.

Storytelling Using Data

The Storytelling using Data training is designed to empower professionals in effectively communicating complex information through data. Tailored for analysts, business intelligence professionals, data scientists, researchers, and data-focused individuals, this unique program enhances their storytelling capabilities.

Throughout the course, participants delve into the art of crafting captivating narratives and designing impactful visualizations that effectively communicate data-driven insights to stakeholders. The program covers a wide range of topics, including the significance of storytelling in data analysis, data collection and preparation, selecting appropriate visualization tools, understanding the target audience, utilizing different storytelling frameworks, and employing advanced storytelling techniques. The training transforms participants into compelling communicators, equipped to transform complex data into meaningful stories that captivate and resonate with their audience.

The training methodology employs a blend of real-world case studies, interactive exercises, and engaging group discussions, enabling participants to actively apply their learning and receive valuable feedback from trainers and peers. After successfully completing the course and project application, participants will receive a CtrlX® certificate, attesting to their mastery in data storytelling skills.

Predictive Analytics

The Predictive Analytics training is a specialized program designed to empower business and data analysts in applying Predictive Analytics without the need for coding expertise. Tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their data analysis skills, this training delves into core concepts and methods, covering data preprocessing, feature selection, model building, evaluation, and deployment.

The course encompasses vital topics such as an introduction to predictive analytics, data preparation, exploratory data analysis, regression analysis, classification analysis, model evaluation and selection, feature selection & dimensionality reduction, ensemble methods & model stacking, and practical hands-on application.

Upon completion, participants will possess a strong grasp of predictive analytics principles and the ability to effectively employ predictive modeling techniques to tackle complex business challenges. Equipped with these skills, they will adeptly identify meaningful patterns and trends in data, generate accurate predictions, and drive data-driven decision-making within their organizations. This comprehensive course offers a pathway to success in leveraging the power of predictive analytics to gain a competitive advantage and achieve better outcomes.

We offer both pre-designed and tailor-made corporate training programs to suit our client’s needs.

Value Creation Mindsets

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking training program is designed to empower leaders with the ability to creatively solve existing problems using the Design Thinking Methodology. In a rapidly changing world, conventional problem-solving tools often yield predictable solutions. Design Thinking offers an exploratory and open-ended approach to problem-solving, providing a fresh perspective. This course introduces participants to the principles and application of Design Thinking.

The training methodology combines classroom discussions and interactive learning activities. The program incorporates the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods to stimulate idea generation, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and facilitate expression in novel ways. Peer-to-peer learning through experience sharing is emphasized, enabling participants to apply their learnings to real-life situations.

This course is suitable for senior executives, transformation managers, and change agents who seek to bring fresh perspectives to existing issues and are responsible for the medium to long-term growth of organizations.

Creative Problem Solving

The Creative Problem Solving training is a dynamic and immersive experience that unlocks participants’ creative imagination. This hands-on program embraces the core principles of Creativity and Human-Centered Design, equipping individuals with powerful tools to explore challenges, generate innovative ideas, and identify optimal solutions.

At its core, the workshop leverages the renowned Double Diamond approach, a proven methodology for problem-solving and fostering innovation. By combining divergent thinking (exploration) and convergent thinking (convergence), this approach ignites creativity and fosters collaborative problem-solving. Participants engage in a range of interactive activities, acquiring new ideation tools and techniques while developing practical skills and knowledge to approach problem-solving with confidence. The workshop empowers individuals to think outside the box, challenge assumptions, and cultivate a creative mindset.

With a fast-paced and minds-on approach, this training unlocks the potential for generating groundbreaking solutions and equips participants with the skills to navigate complex challenges with creative confidence.

Emotional Intelligence

We design the Emotional Intelligence (EI) training program to enhance participants’ understanding and application of emotional intelligence skills in both personal and professional contexts. Individuals empower themselves with a critical skill set in emotional intelligence, enabling them to recognize, understand, and effectively manage their emotions, as well as navigate social interactions with empathy and sensitivity.

Throughout this training program, participants will delve into key components of emotional intelligence, including self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management. They will learn practical strategies and techniques to develop emotional intelligence competencies, such as self-reflection, active listening, empathy, and conflict resolution.

By the end of the course, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence and its impact on personal and professional success. They will acquire the skills to navigate and influence interpersonal dynamics, build strong relationships, and effectively manage emotions in themselves and others. This training program offers a transformative learning experience that equips participants with the tools to enhance their emotional intelligence and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Agile Leadership

We design the Agile Leadership training program to equip leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an Agile environment. This leadership program focuses on five key facets of Agile Leadership, aiming to develop awareness and understanding of Agile leadership thinking, focus, culture, and behaviors.

Throughout the program, participants will explore the principles and practices of Agile leadership, gaining insights into operating effectively amidst uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change. They will learn how to align and empower teams to deliver customer value, foster a growth mindset, and catalyze change in others. The workshop provides a balanced approach, combining education, practice, and peer collaboration to enhance participants’ Agile leadership competency and maturity.

The learning objectives of the workshop encompass gaining an overview of Agile, understanding the context for Agile, demonstrating leadership in an Agile context, driving Agile organizations, and developing Agile approaches to change. This training program is ideal for leaders who support, lead, or interact with Agile teams, as well as those involved in or sponsoring Agile adoption within their organizations. By the end of the program, participants will have the capability to effectively lead in a complex and rapidly changing Agile environment, fostering organizational agility and driving success.

Change Leadership

We specifically design the Change Leadership and Management training for leaders and teams aiming to navigate and sustain change as part of a larger transformation. This comprehensive program provides the perfect blend of the “Art and Science of Change Management” and equips participants with the necessary skills to prepare for, manage, and ensure the successful adoption of change initiatives.

This training will introduce participants to various change management frameworks, enabling them to assess change readiness, evaluate culture fitment, and effectively mobilize change at various levels. They will also learn proven methods for addressing resistance and gain expertise in developing and implementing effective change management strategies that align with their organization’s culture while balancing the needs of stakeholders.

The training prepares organizations for transformation by empowering leaders and teams with
the skills to navigate complex and disruptive change. As change leaders, participants will have access to best-practice tools, templates, and frameworks to effectively manage the “human side of change” throughout the transformation journey.

We offer both pre-designed and tailor-made corporate training programs to suit our client’s needs.

CtrlX Advantage

Our Facilitators

Each of our lead facilitators possesses over two decades of experience and commands high respect in their respective fields. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer only programs where we believe we are the best in the world.

Global Experience

We have a proven track record of delivering training in over 20 countries, working with some of the most respected brands in the world. Our ability to adapt across geographical and cultural boundaries enables us to deliver exceptional learning programs that resonate with diverse audiences.

Accredited Master Trainers

Respected global organizations independently accredit our lead facilitators as master trainers with certifications. They have also conducted numerous Train the Trainer programs,showcasing their mastery in delivering impactful and transformative learning experiences.

Engaging Methodology

Our pedagogy uniquely integrates kinesthetic, visual, and auditory approaches, complemented by game-based experiential learning. This balanced combination facilitates effective knowledge transfer and practical application, resulting in an enriched learning experience.

Tailored Solutions

Training is our passion, and it is one of our core strengths. We take pride in our ability to tailor programs to suit specific client requirements. Whether you seek off-the-shelf solutions or a customized program, we meticulously craft our training to align seamlessly with your objectives.


Participant Testimonials

Vishal conducted a 3 week long black belt six sigma training at Novartis. Having attended many such corporate trainings I was initially very apprehensive of the training however it was one of the best I have attended.
What distinguishes Vishal from the rest is his sheer passion, commitment and patience in delivering the trainings. Not only was Vishal expert in the course content but he also took the extra effort of making the training fun, interesting and enjoyable for participants from different functions. By giving relevant examples he made sure that participants could understand the theoretical concept in practice and could relate to them. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would recommend Vishal for such trainings.

Inder KocharSenior Director, Head of Commercial Technology Strategy and Innovation at Kite Pharma - USA

I have interacted with Vishal during the Six Sigma Black Belt training sessions and I can undoubtedly say that he is one of the best trainers in the field. He knows how to engage the class and his concepts are crystal clear. I was great fun to be in his class. I wish him all the success in his career.

Neena AntalPartner - EY - Singapore

Manoj Keshav is one of the best trainer I have met and experienced. I have personally enhanced my facilitation skills to a great extend after being coached by Manoj. It is real treat to attend his sessions.

Srinivasachar MulugundAuthor, Mindfulness Coach, Learning Advisory at Accenture - India

I had a chance to observe Vishal during various Lean and Six Sigma trainings (different levels). He is an extraordinary communicator - he gets 100% attention from the participants using a lot of practical examples and stories from his own experience. He has a rare gift of making 40 hours training seem like an adventure. I can recommend Vishal as a great professional easy and fun to work with.

Emilia AdamowiczSr Director Head of Carlsberg Shared Services - Poland

As the saying goes, "The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates & the great teacher inspires", Dimple K Sanghvi is an inspiring trainer who delivers beyond participants expectations. I had the privilege of attending her training on Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and the quality of training was top notch. She is patient and a good listener. With her vast expertise she understands the participants needs & explains the concepts in a clear and lucid style with creative examples. Her training sessions were interactive and was well received by all the 50+ professionals coming from various sectors.
I wish Dimple K Sanghvi all success in her journey to help more professionals & whole heartedly recommend her for any Six Sigma related trainings.

Vasatha Kumar GajendranContinuous Improvement Lead at Sartorius - India

It is hard to come by a Trainer like Manoj Keshav. He makes learning look so simple and so effective. His sessions covers a lot of information delivered in concise chunks that are easy to absorb. The structures are clear, logical and effective. Manoj puts a lot of thought and expertise into them. I didn’t just learn ‘How’, ‘What’ and ‘Why’ also became much clear. Thank you Manoj for not just being a fantastic trainer but for a wonderful person you are.

Suneel GangojiManager at HDFC- India

Working with Vishal in developing SABB strategy to deploy six sigma in the organization was one of a kind experience. His knowledge is evident in the subject in theory when he was the MBB who gave us the 3 week six sigma BB course and in practice when guiding the GB & BB in managing their project. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Ahmad NasrVP - Head of Corporate Governance at Bank Aljazira - Saudi Arabia

Vishal has been an amazing and extremely passionate facilitator. I am thoroughly impressed by his simple way of explaining complicated concepts, way of engaging the audience, way to keep us interested, eagerness to cover concepts beyond the curriculum just for our benefits, sharing relevant experiences and case studies to help us assimilate the concepts, and last but not the least his immense knowledge of the subject. I believe this is one of the best training programs I have attended and 90% of the credit goes to Vishal for conducting it the way he has. There might be people more knowledgeable than him or having more experience than him, but I doubt if I can ever find someone who is more passionate about LSS than Vishal. Thanks a ton to him for making me a better professional.

Priyak PurkayasthaVP - Business Transformation at State Street - India

Manoj was very sincere and passionate in what he did to deliver the course/ subject. He lead the topics very well hence creating a very congenial environment for learning. He ensured the class was engaged and his course was interactive. He was a good example of being Emotionally Intelligent in his professional and personal life. Thank you Manoj !

Anonymous - India

I had the privilege of working with Vishal on an assignment which was deemed the biggest pain-point and inhibitor to the success of the process reengineering team in HSBC globally. HSBC engaged Vishal to drive the design and delivery of a 4 day training program to align Process Reengineering Consultants across the globe to a standard framework for executing reengineering programs.Vishal’s in-depth knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, its application in Financial Services, inspiring presentation and facilitation skills, were the most critical factors in the success of the effort.Needless to say, the program was applauded by the management and participants across the globe.I strongly recommend Vishal and look forward to working with him again.

Vipin VaidyanathanHead of Business Excellence, DMCC ( Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) - Dubai

Dimple is passionate about data. She is able to demystify the perceived complexities around data science, connecting to the basics, making the topic and the concepts relevant and engaging. A bunch of our Business Analysts got benefitted in her sessions. We look forward to more sessions with her in future.

Niranjan RoutataCorporate Strategy and Data Officer at Bluescope Steel - India

Data Analysis Software Partner

CtrlX® is a certified JMP training partner. JMP is a statistical discovery software, a product from SAS. Pronounced “jump,” its name suggests a leap in interactivity, bringing interactive data visualization and analysis to the desktop.