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Workshop Facilitation Services

The objective of collaborative workshops is to set free the collective creative potential of cross-functional experts within an organization, with the overarching goal of solving complex business issues. In contrast to normal decision-making processes, these workshops are different, and their key strength lies primarily in coming together as a team to collectively explore challenges and opportunities within an existing organizational structure.

Furthermore, our master facilitators use proven methods such as Human Centered Design, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, Value Proposition Design, Customer Journey Mapping, and Value Stream Mapping in order to design tailored workshops. Moreover, our facilitated thinking, communication, and problem-solving techniques are deeply rooted in extensive research across the fields of psychology, organization development, business, and learning.

Benefits Of Our Facilitation Approach

What truly sets us apart is our unparalleled blend of facilitation techniques, meticulously designed to unlock a multitude of benefits.

Our Unique Workshop Offerings

Strategy & Vision Development

Establish the non- negotiables of your organization’s new reality, craft an inspiring vision for the future, and develop a real-time, agile strategy to effectively realize the aspirational future.

Team Strengths & Identity Design

Cultivate a cohesive team by identifying and leveraging individual strengths, envisioning a shared aspirational identity, and crafting guiding principles that foster aligned and intentional action for the team’s success.

Customer Experience Design

Design delightful customer journeys by gaining deep insights into their needs, optimizing every customer touchpoint, and delivering unique experiences that foster brand loyalty and advocacy.

Design Sprints and Rapid Prototype Development

Accelerate innovation with time-boxed, collaborative ideation workshops, facilitating rapid prototyping, testing of ideas, iterative improvements, and real-time validation of customer needs.

Kaizen and Waste Elimination

Foster a continuous improvement culture by harnessing team expertise to define customer value, eliminate waste, empower employees, and continuously improve process efficiency through incremental changes.

3rd Way of Innovation

Design a core ecosystem of diverse and complementary innovations centered around a core product or service, operating synergistically to fulfill a singular business promise and create an unmatched customer value proposition.

Need a Customized Workshop?

What is a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop ?

The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop is a highly effective facilitated meeting, communication, and problem-solving method. During this engaging process, participants are expertly guided through a series of questions that systematically delve deeper into the topic at hand. As a result of extensive research demonstrating that this hands-on, minds-on learning approach fosters a richer and more profound understanding of the world and its potential, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology significantly deepens the reflection process. Moreover, it facilitates effective dialogues among all members of the organization.

In the workshop, teams employ LEGO SERIOUS PLAY bricks, characters, and metaphors to share their creative ideas within the context of their business objectives. Furthermore, the skilled facilitator skillfully navigates the participants through a thought-provoking series of questions, progressively delving deeper into the core of the problem or opportunity at hand. Each participant actively contributes by constructing their unique LEGO® model in response to the facilitator’s questions. These three-dimensional LEGO® models serve as the foundation for dynamic knowledge-sharing, innovative problem-solving, and well-informed decision-making.

Overall, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop is a powerful method to enhance group collaboration, stimulate creative thinking, and drive strategic insights across the organization.

What makes our workshop different from traditional facilitation techniques?

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