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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Certification

Lean Six Sigma is one of our core strengths, with over two decades of LSS training and deployment experience in over 20 countries and certifications from reputed global organizations, we offer a best-in-class Lean Six Sigma training, certification, deployment services.

CtrlX offers an intensive Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification program. This empowers professionals to lead process improvements by covering Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, enabling the identification and elimination of inefficiencies and waste within organizations. As a result, CtrlX-certified Black Belts drive substantial process enhancements and product improvements. The certification process includes classroom training, real-world project experience, and challenging exams. Achieving Black Belt status signifies mastery of Lean and Six Sigma principles, statistical tools, and project management. This equips CtrlX-certified professionals to lead teams, solve complex problems, and deliver measurable results, significantly benefiting customer satisfaction and organizational success.

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    Lean Six Sigma Expertise

    Trusted by clients globally with over 20 years of LSS training and deployment. International LSS Black Belt Trainer certification from GE and accreditation from IASSC.

    International Standards

    Training designed according to international standards of ASQ & IASSC BoK. Tailored training for in-house corporate programs.

    Experiential Pedagogy

    Emphasis on both conceptual knowledge and practical application of Lean Six Sigma concepts. Learning through engaging case studies and hands-on exercises.

    Data Mastery

    Gain proficiency in data management using JMP Visual Analysis: Develop intuitive visual exploratory data analysis skills.

    Certification & Resources

    Co-Branded certification along with your organization Receive a Lean Six Sigma toolbook (Imported edition).

    Get ahead in your career with our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification. Join Ctrlx now and master process improvement!

    Lean Six Sigma Course Objectives

    In addition to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, BB participants will be able to::
    • Understand the critical success factors to effectively deploy LSS strategy within the organization
    • Apply prioritization techniques to successfully identify breakthrough improvement opportunities and employ the appropriate process improvement techniques to deliver meaningful results to the organization
    • Device strategies to influence senior leaders and employ techniques
      to lead large transformational change as opposed to small
      incremental changes
    • Develop and evaluate the financial business case & cost benefit

    Supercharge your career with Ctrlx's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification. Enroll today for process excellence!


    Who Should Attend?

    Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification is versatile and beneficial for professionals from diverse backgrounds. It’s particularly suited to managers, executives, and leaders seeking to enhance their process improvement and quality management skills. Project managers can leverage its structured problem-solving approach, while quality assurance professionals gain deeper insights into Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Operations and manufacturing personnel can optimize processes, and supply chain specialists improve efficiency.

    Black Belts are generally dedicated process improvement managers within the organization. These individuals are assigned to lead strategic Project(s) and coach and mentor GBs. They are required to achieve expert level of proficiency In LSS by completing 2-3 BB projects and coaching other GBs.

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    Get ahead in your career with our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification. Join Ctrlx now and master process improvement!

    Vishal conducted a 3 week long black belt six sigma training at Novartis. Having attended many such corporate trainings I was initially very apprehensive of the training however it was one of the best I have attended.
    What distinguishes Vishal from the rest is his sheer passion, commitment and patience in delivering the trainings. Not only was Vishal expert in the course content but he also took the extra effort of making the training fun, interesting and enjoyable for participants from different functions. By giving relevant examples he made sure that participants could understand the theoretical concept in practice and could relate to them. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would recommend Vishal for such trainings.

    Inder KocharSenior Director, Head of Commercial Technology Strategy and Innovation at Kite Pharma - USA

    I have interacted with Vishal during the Six Sigma Black Belt training sessions and I can undoubtedly say that he is one of the best trainers in the field. He knows how to engage the class and his concepts are crystal clear. I was great fun to be in his class. I wish him all the success in his career.

    Neena AntalPartner - EY - Singapore

    Dimple is passionate about data. She is able to demystify the perceived complexities around data science, connecting to the basics, making the topic and the concepts relevant and engaging. A bunch of our Business Analysts got benefitted in her sessions. We look forward to more sessions with her in future.

    Niranjan RoutataCorporate Strategy and Data Officer at Bluescope Steel - India